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European Murano Glass and Sterling Silver Beads.
Mix 'n' Match' Earrings and drops.
Noosa-Chunks, Charms and Bracelets.

By using different beads- Glass or Metal, different shapes and colours, you are adding different dimensions to your Bracelet. Experiment with colours and shapes to depict your style and personality. All of my beads are Handmade so no two beads are the same.
NOT authentic Pandora jewellery, but will look fantastic on your Bracelet and for a only a fraction of the cost of the genuine item. My beads do not have internal threads, so they will easily slide on your bracelet making it easy to change whenever you want.
Because they move freely and rotate as you move your wrist, they are not only a pleasure to wear, but are an eye catching statement too. My unique beads and charms can be threaded onto a chain or leather cord and be worn as a Necklace.
Your personality and style will be on display for all to see and admire. You can show the real you, or let others discover more about you. You can be anything that you want. Life is to be enjoyed with love, beauty and variety, it is after all 'the spice of life'.

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